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Why ATS ?

Our Modular Platform approach to design allows you to incorporate additional functionality as needed, to configure a solution that is an exact match for your needs. Our solutions allow organizations to focus on their business needs and remove the burdens and worries of infrastructure, completeness of specifications, optimal design and user interfaces. The ability to configure our proven and reliable solutions eliminates the time, cost and risks associated with conventional design and build approaches.
Proven Implementation Methodology - ATS’s specialized ATS Implementation Methodology (AIM) is designed and refined to ensure effective and efficient deployment. Our AIM methodology includes proven processes, best practices and industry expertise for effective service delivery that helps maximize the value of your investment in technology.
Reduced Risk - Proven product, platforms, tools, techniques and previous implementations all serve to minimize project risk. We have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings and a low incidence of maintenance calls. ATS has consistently delivered successful projects based on our proven project management disciplines, time-tested AIM implementation methodology and the flexibility of our product.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership - The solution configuration delivered by ATS will satisfy all initial requirements defined. As the requirements in these agencies change and expand, the scalability and ability of the system characteristics will ensure a lower cost of ownership during the product lifetime. ATS’s solutions are scalable and can be expanded to address the needs of other agencies and departments.