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Digital Age Next Zen CCTV Surveillance Systems

Whats Happening in your City right now?

Being responsible for the safety and function of an entire city is a complex task, with so many possible scenarios that can happen in such different environments.Today’s cities face a wide range of threats, ranging from terrorism and civil unrest to kidnapping, rape and murder. To reduce the impact of these threats, it is critical for the authorities to capture real-time information on what is happening in and around the city. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for utilizing the new and emerging technologies to make our cities safer.

At ATS we have a complete range of products needed to deter criminals and get excellent image quality from cameras placed in for example public buildings, squares, parks and streets. In the end it’s about making sure your cameras have what it takes to capture the images you need. 

Automated Traffic Monitoring and Video Analytics

ATS's solution turns any traffic monitoring camera into an intelligent sensor. TrafficVision monitors digitally encoded video streams of traffic cameras on highways to immediately detect incidents and continuously collect real-time traffic data.Using existing camera infrastructure, TrafficVision helps make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable, providing more information about what is happening on highways, bridges and tunnels.TrafficVision helps organizations get more use out of their ITS investment, leveraging both existing and new video assets.In order to implement the smart city project and state government projects, programs, yojanas etc., traffic management is the first priority. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 

ATS offers the best possible solution designed to detect, assess, and track multiple threats in the most demanding weather conditions 24 X 7.When compared to other perimeter security solutions, ATS solution has the lowest initial cost per kilometer of secured space as well as the lowest lifetime cost.Specialized array of active or passive (PIR) infrared sensors, motion sensors, and passive thermal radars, hybrid very long range cameras with thermal and optical imaging. Combining best-in-class radar with a thermal imager and Command and Control software.